Flower Bed Designs: Enrich Your Garden

Flower bed designs are a unique and exquisitely captivating way of enhancing the appeal of your garden, and impressing your friends and family. There are many different designs to choose from, and picking the most appropriate one is entirely based on personal preference.

Below we have listed some of the most alluring flower bed designs available

Plant Edgings

One of the most traditionally recognized and elegant applications of edge flower beds. Typical plants used in plant edgings are those that are locally found including small trees, perennial herbs and local shrubs. Chosen plants are easy to maintain, and allow vibrant appealing plant edges, large enough to enchant the eye. This means that wider border plants are used, ideally those that are tall plants to yield good flowers. You can choose from a variety of layering to increase customized appearance including foliage to meet privacy requirements for benches and enjoyment of peaceful solitary. Popular choices for plants include a wide range of tulips, lilies, asters, lantana, icicles, dragon's breath and much more.

Flagstones as flower bed edging ideas

For a more tidy and English looking garden, many people choose to opt for flagstones as flower bed edgings. Most of the time these are used when there is considerable spacing between the flowerbed and lawn, thus allowing for a cleaner appearance. Added benefits of including flagstones allows for better water outlets, and makes mowing a much more manageable task. Edgings are usually left loose for a more natural impression.

Use of diagonal bricks

If flagstones do not suit your budget, think about placing bricks instead. You will preferably want to use mismatched size bricks that give more of wholesome look and a 'garden domino effect.' Bricks are a lot more customizable as you can opt for different colors depending on your plants. Placing bricks are much easier and straightforward process, opposed to professional planning needed for flagstones. In the end you will have a very aesthetically pleasing edging that allows excess water to flow from your flower bed.

Mowing strips flower bed edging

While we want our gardens to flourish, most of us do not have the free time needed to maintain our gardens. If you are one of those people, than you can choose to use mowing strips. Mowing strips are flat surfaces that surround the flower bed, this allows for efficient mowing time and maintenance of your garden. We suggest to lay bricks buried on the outside border of flower beds, ensuring that only one side is visible from the outside. To keep bricks in shape and aligned without space between them, you may want to use paver strips to complete the look.

Every gardener has their own tastes and preferences, ideas listed above should give you a good starting point on what you can achieve for your garden. Not only will these ideas complement your garden space, they will also provide a low cost solution for building elegant gardens. Finally, all of the suggestions listed here will not take you a long time, and at the end you will be more than pleased with the results.

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