Small Flower Garden Ideas

A well designed flower garden can add to the beauty of any home. Just because you have a limited space does not mean that you can't have a very own flower garden. In this article you will find some really good small flower garden ideas, which you can incorporate in your garden space.

Small flower garden ideas:

Design: Irrespective of what is the build of the area planned for gardening, you must contemplate a design for that place. When dealing with small spaces one thing to keep in mind is that larger plants must be placed at the center of the garden or on the backside. The reason for this is, placing plants like this creates a step effect from center to edge or front to back, this way you have luxury to plant multiple plants in confined spaces. Depth and interest can be created even in small gardens by supplementing the placement of tall framing plants by using flower pots in the area planned for gardening. You can also include a large vase or metal plant hook with a basket, it would create a different feel in your garden.

Accents and Ground Covers: The best addition in your small flower garden ideas would be the utilization of various types of ground covers. Traditional much can be replaced with a few inches deep layers of gravel. Using large rocks on the edges and smaller gravel on the inner portion of the garden is a good idea. You can even design different shapes with various placements of rocks, mulch and different size gravels. Consistency of the flora can easily be broken by placing few big rocks next to them. A small birdbath can be placed to attract wildlife into the garden. Placing a statue of some duck or frog in the garden can also add to the beauty of it. Place a plant that can cover the ground on the center of a heap of rocks to let it grow and cover the rocks in draping fashion.

Edging: The best way to delimit a small garden is dramatic edging. Creation of a brick wall is not the only way of doing edging, you can try other options. You can always use other options like metal fencing, edging of plastic, different sized rock and of course multiple levels of landscaping stones for the purposes of edging your small garden. Another thing you can do is to add a shallow trench as it will keep the mulch in place near the plants. It can be done if you edge the area which you are gardening that combines the grass by slanting a spade shovel. Doing this will create a trench and the garden edge will be marked, also making mowing easier for you. As said before mulch will be kept in place.

You can think of many small flower garden ideas, but the thing to keep in mind is implementing them well. Choose plants that grow good in the sunlight and moisture according to your region. You can get good advise on this at nearby nurseries. Water and fertilize your garden well so that it lasts for years to come.

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