Making Wedding Flower Bouquets

A wedding ceremony ingrains a lot of memories that the couple can look back on fondly. Of the numerous wedding preparations, though it is advisable to contract them to experts, making wedding flower bouquets is an easy and fun activity. It is an engaging task that cuts on the overall wedding costs.

Choosing Flowers For The Wedding Flower Bouquets

The bride is free to choose the wedding flowers for the bouquet. The selection of the flowers should not be limited by the color but working with many colors of flowers adds to the overall splendor of the wedding. The flower choice may be guided by the season with multicolored spring and summer flowers particularly standing out. In addition, the choice of the flower ought to have some sentimental significance such as the couple's favorite flower or their birth flower. Brides have the choice of selecting flowers that match, contrasting or of a sentimental value.
Brides can have the flowers delivered to their residence by florists. From the selection of flowers, they can choose to make the wedding flower bouquets of a single variety or employing different shades. The bouquets can also mix a different blend of flowers. However, brides are advised to choose flowers that complement their wedding colors. It is important to strip the flowers off any thorns or floral material that is not required.

Choosing appropriate wedding flower bouquets

Though a minor item, the wedding strip is a necessary aspect the wedding flower bouquet as it holds the flower arrangement in place. However, this is not the major reason as the ribbon is deliberately selected to be a certain color. The color may be dependent on the wedding theme in such a manner that it complements the wedding dress of the bride. Such ribbons as those that are green in color appear natural to the floral arrangement. The ribbon is better placed and has a maximum impact if the stems of the flower are long. This serves a dual purpose as it makes a better grip of the flowers by the bride.

Preparing the wedding Flower Bouquets

The process of preparation of the bouquets is rather simple. Having received the flowers from the delivery, and consequently removing all the thorns and floral stems from the flower, wash the flower from the stems. After this process has been complete, the flowers are placed in a vase full of water for a period of time. Afterwards, the flowers are selected depending on the desired color and flower combination respectively. Gathering five to six blossoms at a time hold the blossoms at the stem on the bottom of the blossom. It is best to place the largest blossom at the centre of the bouquet. The bouquet is then built by gathering the blossoms two or three at a time. The outer ring of the flowers should be slightly lower than the rest. The flowers should be held tightly and wrapped with duct tape. The ribbon is then tied around the stem to make the perfect wedding flower bouquets.

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